Hunting Ground and Other Stories gets a new distributor, and other news

Well, technically it got a new distributor a while ago and I’m just now making a post about it, but whatever.

Kitty voices her excitement over the new paperbacks. Or she's just yawning.

Kitty voices her excitement over the new paperbacks. Or she’s just yawning.

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Fiction: Front Row Seat to the Death of a World

B-3-K watched the last of the transport ships rising into the midmorning sky on a tail of fire, a feeble prelude to the brilliance that was yet to come. They were doomed, she knew; them and any other vessel that had not yet made the jump to hyperspace when the destruction came to this system. They had waited too long to leave, and they would pay for their procrastination with their lives.

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How would Hollywood ruin Hunting Ground?

With Jurassic World dominating the box office this summer, it’s all but inevitable that we can all expect a fresh wave of dinosaur-themed fiction, both in movie and book form, as people scramble to ride its coattails up the slopes of Cash Mountain. (Even I’m not entirely innocent of this; while Gondolend had been going strong for over a decade before a fourth Jurassic Park movie had even been confirmed as a thing that was definitely going to happen, I did set “Jurassic World” as a search keyword on my own book.)

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It’s time for yet another Gondolend art post

And surprise surprise, it’s more profile views of local fauna! Ha ha, I’m so multi-talented. I was going to do this post earlier, but moving halfway across the country has a way of distracting a person. Now that that’s done though, here it is!

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5 world-building tips

Though I’d hardly call myself a world-building expert, I’ve been doing it long enough by now that I do like to think I’ve gotten a pretty good hang of what does and doesn’t work. So, since part of the goal of Tyrant King Productions is to support and encourage other aspiring independent writers, I thought I’d share a few bits of knowledge I’ve picked up over the years.

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Do you like dinosaurs and paleontology? Take the Jurassic World Challenge!

Well, with Jurassic World hitting US theaters tomorrow, it looks like things are starting to heat up a bit in the online dinopaleoblogosphereverse. People are flooding the social media with important questions such as what is everyone’s favorite dinosaur and would Tyrannosaurus or Spinosaurus win in a fight, reviews of the movie are beginning to appear, and blogs everywhere are scrambling to post something, anything, related to the Jurassic Park franchise.

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Gondolendian history: the Cult Wars

Imagine if the Crusades and World War II got together and had a baby. A violent, genocidal, fanatically religious baby. That baby would be the Cult Wars, one of the most pivotal events in Gondolendian history. The Cult Wars were the sort of event every kid learns about in school, because its effects were felt in virtually every part of Gondolendia. Whether it was the widespread forced conversions and horrifying atrocities inflicted upon the conquered regions, to the thwarted invasions and disrupted trade of the regions that managed to hold out, or the sudden influx of refugees onto the relatively isolated Samara, the conflict made its presence known in nearly every corner of the inhabited world. So, since this was such an important time, I thought I’d give a brief run-down of just what happened during the Cult Wars.
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Gondolend dream projects

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but I tend to be a bit of a nerd. When I get into a fictional setting I want to be able to geek out over it as much as possible, immersing myself in maps, history, mythology, wildlife guides, basically as much lore as I can get my hands on. So it should come as little surprise that I’d want to do the same with Gondolend.

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Emergency Tyrant King pledge drive: Mr. Svensen needs your help

Hey there, readers. You know how I’ve been so productive on here lately? Well, that’s because I’ve been out of work and didn’t have much to do besides apply for jobs and work on my writing and art. This was great for my creative output, but not so much for my bank account balance. In fact right now it’s looking like I’m going to be flat broke before long if things don’t change, which presents a bit of a problem considering I’m trying to move back home to South Dakota within the next few weeks. Even without taking into account the rent and bills I need to find a way to pay in the meantime (not to mention my unfortunate need to eat), driving halfway across the country is going to be a bit difficult if I can’t even afford gas, much less whatever it’s going to cost me to ship up whatever I can’t fit in my car.

So I’m asking you, my readers, for help. I’d rather not, but my family back home has their own expenses to worry about what with my grandfather’s brain cancer and I’m not sure they can afford to help me out any more than they already have up until now. So that leaves you guys. I’m not asking you for money because I want a new car or a bigger house or anything like that; I’m asking so my cat and I don’t end up with no place to live halfway across the country from home.

I don’t know how invested a lot of you are in what I do here, but if you enjoy any of it, please, please, please help me out. Anything you can spare, anything at all, would be most appreciated.

If you do decide to throw anything my way, I can take donations over PayPal via the link on the sidebar over there. Anything you can spare would really help.

Tyrant King’s first-ever free Kindle book promotion is underway!

This will hardly be news to those of you have been paying attention, but the Hunting Ground and Other Stories free Kindle promotion has been going since yesterday morning, and it’s looking pretty good so far! Since it began the book’s already gotten over three times more downloads than since it was first published, and all signs point to that number continuing to rise!

If you haven’t yet taken advantage of this promotion, you’ve got until Friday until the price skyrockets back up to a wallet-shattering $2.99, so you’d better not procrastinate too long!