The island of Lautokamanu


An island of volcanic origins in the South Pacific (About halfway between American Samoa and Jarvis Island), Lautokamanu is relatively young in geologic terms. It was formed by a volcano that resulted from a hot spot in the ocean floor millions of years ago. The Volcano is now extinct, and its half sunken crater now forms the rim around Niobrara Bay, on the islands South Western coast. The island is home to the worlds first zoological park to feature living non avian dinosaurs, aptly named Mesozoica.

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Tyrant King Productions is on the grow

No new content tonight I’m afraid, but I do have something just as good to announce: you’re going to have to start paying attention to who’s posting what here now, because another writer has just joined Tyrant King Productions!

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Mapping Gondolend: the past, present, and future

Every setting worth a damn needs a map. Preferably more than one. Arrakis? Middle Earth? The world of A Song of Ice and Fire? The Firefly ‘Verse? They all have maps. Not only does a good map serve a practical purpose, providing readers with a reference to where the action is taking place at any given time, but it also adds an invaluable sense of verisimilitude to the world and, hopefully, engages the reader’s curiosity and sense of wonder. When I look at fictional maps, I want to explore them. I want to go to the places in Middle Earth that we never saw, like Rhun and Khand and Harad. I want to see Jogos Nhai, Yi Ti, Ulthos, and Sothoryos in A Song of Ice and Fire. In addition to showing us where all the familiar places are, they also show us the mysterious. What’s in those places we only see as names? Are there people there? If so, what are they like? What animals live there? Even though we know we’ll probably never find out, we wonder anyway. And so we keep coming back for more.

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Hey buddy, ya got any spare change?

Hello faithful readers, from my new home in lovely Gainesville, Florida. I regret to say I do not have that promised news post ready for you yet, but I do have something else I wanted to share.

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I think it’s time for a shameless filler post

I’ve got a more substantial Gondolend update in the works that I think is probably going to shake things up a bit for you longtime readers out there, but I’ve been busy preparing for a long-distance move for the last few days and I haven’t had a lot of time to work on it. I did want to get something new out before I set off on Thursday though, so here, for you, my loyal readers, is a half-assed filler post.

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Fiction: Death From Above

This is a quick and dirty piece I wrote tonight set in a fantasy world I’ve been rolling around in my head for a while.

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“Phobodon”: how Gondolend accidentally pranked some people on the internet

The other day, I was pointed towards this thread on a Jurassic Park fansite. Now, usually, a fantasy thread about which dinosaur could beat up which is nothing new; you can barely walk ten feet through the online dinosphere without tripping over a pack of fanboys debating this very subject. Pretty soon you learn to just ignore them and move on.

This particular thread, however, was different. Because included among all those (often inaccurate) reconstructions of actual dinosaurs (and one piece of King Kong concept art), was this guy:

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Fiction: Hunting Ground, Chapter 6

The sun had not yet risen, but the birds were already beginning to sing in the trees when Justin Case’s SUV pulled up in front of Gina’s father’s house. The houses and trees of the neighborhood were silhouetted against the indigo sky, as it slowly faded to a lighter blue in the west. As Gina left the house and crossed the front lawn, she shivered in the pre-dawn chill.

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Fiction: Trouble in Dinosaur Park

Inspired by a certain scene from a certain book and movie, I decided to do my own (hopefully more realistic) take on what might happen if a giant theropod were to escape captivity.

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Defining dinopunk

I’ve always had a problem concisely defining just what sort of fiction Gondolend is. It’s science fiction obviously, and naturalistic science fiction to be more specific, but those are still very nebulous terms. “Science fiction with dinosaurs” is a little better, but even that draws erroneous comparisons to things like Jurassic Park or Dinotopia (or, even worse, garbage like Terra Nova or Footprints of Thunder). After wrestling with this problem ever since I started writing about Gondolend, I eventually decided that its genre needed a name of its own.

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