Fiction: Shining Armor, chapter 3

In my eight years as a bounty hunter, I’ve been to quite a few places throughout the Spiral. I’ve been all over the Halcyon Empire, the Spiral Republic, the non-aligned worlds, even outside human space among the Thrassk Republic and the Oma Remnant. I’ve been to a lot of different places, some very nice, and others significantly less so.

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I am basically the worst

And no, I don’t mean in terms of writing ability. Though I’m still sometimes convinced that any day now I’ll be revealed for the hack that I am, I do at least know that there are far worse writers out there than me. I’ve read Footprints of Thunder, after all.

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Fiction: Shining Armor, chapter 2

Dochas Nua is a large space station orbiting the planet Brevis in the Lyanna System, near the border between Empire space and the Au’bei League. It was originally built as a trading outpost between the League and the old Imperium, but when everything went to hell during the Schism and trade lanes shifted along with the political landscape, the station was left high and dry. And with a decade’s worth of rubble scattered across the core worlds of the new Halcyon Empire to sift through, nobody had a lot of thought to spare for the poor space station stuck out in what had become a distant backwater.

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Why Gondolend is better than Jurassic World

gonna cut you

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Generic World: The Park is Boring

So as you may have heard by now, the first trailer for Jurassic World is out today. And, while Tyrant King Productions is more for posting art and fiction than reviews, I felt compelled to give my thoughts on it.

Those of you who know me can probably guess how this is going to go.

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Setting Sunday: Calico Spiral

Hello dear readers and welcome to Setting Sunday, the day when I tell you everything you might want to know about one of my various settings. This will not necessarily be a weekly thing, since if I did that I’d burn through them all and run out of material pretty quick.

Since I’ve already done a post like this for Gondolend, I decided to kick this series off with Calico Spiral, the ‘verse that I’ve done the second largest amount of brainstorming for and the least amount of art and writing for.

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Fiction: Shining Armor, chapter 1

I was collecting a bounty on Sendabarn when I got the summons. The timing was hardly the most convenient; my target had been holed up in a little village on the edge of the Great Inland Desert, and to be honest I was more interested in a shower and a change of clothes than in taking on another job. When you get an offer from the ruling family of the Halcyon Empire though, you don’t put it off. So instead of a leisurely hyperspace trip back to Serona with plenty of time for hot shower and a nap, I found myself in orbit at Sendabarn’s L2 point, queued up with the other ships to use the foldgate and inputting the coordinates to Halcyon Prime.

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Fiction: Common Misconceptions

It was a warm spring afternoon in the forest outside Holsbarda, and Lenka was complaining again. “And do you know he said then?” she asked, looking up at her travelling companion as though expecting an answer. He couldn’t give one of course, since he had not been there, so she continued with her story. “He said, Oh, I thought that’s what you called yourselves!”

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Gondolend sketch dump, part 2

The Gondolend concept sketch exhibition continues.

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Fiction: The Merchant Ship Konteres

Leaving the desert island of Ziskra behind, the crew of the merchant corbita, the Konteres, sailed South. With each passing day, the winds brought them closer to their native home, the land of Delos. They had brought Deloan goods such as wine, olives, and the newly popular red figure pottery to sell in the Khargan Imperial city. Now, their holds were filled with items from the desert empire, which they intended to sell to their countrymen upon their return. Linen and papyrus had become popular imports in Delos, and brought a good profit to anyone willing to brave the long ocean voyage.
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